2 years with Judah

Where has my baby gone? Something about having a two year old means..not having a baby anymore. It means I have a little boy now..it means my boys are growing up and I have NO LITTLE BABIES left. My last baby has blossomed into a little boy. It's sad but exciting at the same time.

Judah .. where do I even start with this fire cracker?

He has never known a stranger in his whole life.

I have never seen him show a hint of fear or timidness about anything.

He loves to live life BIG!!!

"Strong willed" doesn't even begin to describe this guy. He likes to test ALL the boundaries!

a common face on this strong willed child!

He has the widest smile and greatest laugh imaginable. He can bring you to the brink of insanity..and then melt your heart into an actual puddle in the BLINK of an eye.

Here are some things Judah is up to on a day to day basis:
-Wakes up in the morning and first words are "NACK!" (Snack. He is a SNACK MONSTER.)
-He loves to eat! Oh wait..no, no he doesn't...UNLESS it fruit snacks, chips, nutrigrain bars, popcorn..more on this topic later about how we are cutting out all processed food from our life. Judah has a difficult time at the dinner table. It's definitely the area he needs most improvement on!!
-He loves to jump, wrestle, jump..run into people at full force. Basically he's a wrecking ball with legs!
-He has a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon and goes down from 8pm - 7am most nights.
-He INSISTS on sleeping with a book, two special stuffed animals, 1 toy of his choosing and a "nanket" (Kegan's red blanket from his childhood).
-He can say a few things..I feel like isn't as verbal as Josiah was at this age but that's okay. He says "thank you" "please" "sorry" "mook" (milk) "nack" "nanket" and I have just recently heard him but 2 words together: "daddy go?" "light on" "more nack?"
-He has not been easy to teach..or let me rephrase that..I am not used to having such a hands on active learner. Josiah would sit at a table for 30 minutes or more doing flashcards with me. FAT CHANCE with this one. I am having to restructure how we do flashcards. I will lay them out on the floor and have him run and jump on the one I call out. He can identify a few letters, most of the shapes, we're working on colors.
-Loves water..bathtime, water table play, or pool. He was my water birth baby after all!
-ABHORS brushing his teeth and getting his hair washed.
-He loves and adores (and annoys to no end) his big brother. There is one story I want to remember for all time..Josiah was trying to pick something up and standing too close to the wall. When he bent down, he smacked his forehead on the the wall. Of course, Josiah started crying and said OWIE! I rushed over to him and kissed his head. Then I looked at Judah, who was standing back taking the whole scene in. He ran to the same spot Josiah was standing, faced his body towards the wall, took a deep breath as if he was thinking "Okay..I can do this!" and HE VOLUNTARILY SMACKED HIS HEAD ON THE WALL. Just like his brother did..so then he looked at me and pointed to his head so he could get the same loving kiss on his head. I will never forget that..in the true little sibling sense..he had to be in the middle of the action at all times!

the way he's looking at Josiah!

Judah Amos, you are a very special boy! I hope, with God's help, I can channel your huge personality and strong willpower and fearless determination for everything in life in the right direction. I hope you can use it for the Kingdom of God that is coming to our earth! I hope, with all of your special attributes that make you so unique, that you can be a strong leader for your family and wife one day..and you will lead people to know the truth about God and his plan for our lives. You are so very special to us!

We had a fun and simple birthday party at our new house (Our first birthday to celebrate here!) We had a baked potato bar, fruit, veggies, and a HUGE yummy cake. He had a blast and we loved celebrating two fun, full years with this precious boy.