3 years with Judah

I can't believe my Judah bug turned 3 years old. On one hand I feel like he has been around forever, much longer than three years. On the other hand it has gone by SO QUICKLY!

I am happy to say our family is officially OUT of the baby stage. Around his 3rd birthday, we said buh-bye to the rocking chair, the crib, a slew of baby clothes/toys and most exciting..the diaper life! What a breath of fresh air! I have been in baby mode since 2013 so it's kind of nice to have two walking, talking boys who can more or less take care of the business on their own.

 Judah picked a Sonic the Hedgehog birthday theme this year. Of course we started it out with our pancake number tradition!.

We had his party at my parents house this year - since we were having an outdoor party with water stuff it was easier to do that at their place!

Our present to Judah!

So thankful our closest friends and family were there to celebrate our little love.

One interesting thing about Judah we discovered this year is that he has my hereditary blood disorder called Spherocytosis - a genetic mutation in the red blood cell that causes them to be a spherical shape instead of the flat aerodynamic disc shape they are supposed to be. This causes issues in the oxygen transport. We had a feeling that something was going on when he was too tired kept laying down all the time and falling asleep on his own by noon. SO unlike him. Even at this birthday party he spent half the time in the backyard when he was supposed to be playing being held by my mom because he was too tired. :( We got him in to see the best hematologist in town and he determined he does in fact have a mild case of this rare disorder. He is taking folic acid to boost blood cell production. We think it's helping!

Judah continues to charm the socks off of everyone we know. He has a strong grasp on all his letters, phonics sounds and numbers! He has always had this contagious personality that can turn you from furious to a puddle of MUSH within 3 seconds by his charm. Let's just say we are working on being consistent with disciplining him! It's no easy task!!

A special thing we do every night is sing his special songs.

Our favorite song we have been singing since he was a baby:

I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back, no turning back.
Though none go with me
Still I will follow
No turning back, no turning back.

And that is my prayer for him, that he would never turn back and be brave enough to follow Jesus even if no one is with him. I love you my sweet boy and as long as I'm living I will be walking with you through life!