4 years with Josiah

Only 6 months ago 😐 did my sweet Josiah turn four years old! I might be just now documenting his birthday but I have the pictures to prove it!

It was a special birthday because it was also Kegan's chance to live his childhood dreams over again  by throwing the biggest baddest Godzilla party ever. Needless to say I didn't have to do much for the party prep as Kegan took the reigns.

My mom showed up with a custom Godzilla watermelon fruit bowl she made. Isn't this amazing!

Our friends Nathan & Merrie got a HUGE Godzilla pinata! 

Kegan turned the backyard into a city scape for the kids to knock down Godzilla style!

We are thrilled with our sweet 4 year old (4.5 at the time I'm writing this) and all that he has accomplished. He has excellent manners - he tells me thank you for the smallest things like helping him brush his teeth or take a bath! He loves to help me in the kitchen and is pretty good at flipping a fried egg and pancakes too! He can read like a BOSS and is surprising us every day with new things he knows. He has a song in his heart (and I mean literally - he has a benign heart murmur and his cardiologist said this specific type called Stills Murmur are known for their unique vibratory and musical qualities!! How cool is that!) and this child is ALWAYS humming a tune and coming up with the goofiest songs.

He often says out of the blue "I love your WHOLE heart" to me. Well there are no words to describe our love for him and his huge heart. We are also excited to see him excel this year in his new homeschool program Classical Conversations.

So to the boy who made me a mommy, you ARE my heart! We love you "big big" and happy 4 (4.5) years of life to you, my man. Can't wait to see all the things you can do and accomplish this year!