Our First House

We bought our first home in Kingwood in May of 2016! We just passed our 1st anniversary of being here so I thought I might take some time to document the story and pictures of it, as I have been thinking about it lately.

First things first - we have been on one income for almost our whole marriage, for 4 out of the 5 years. Comparing our relationship and how we deal with money now compared to when we were newlyweds is drastic and we have come so far. I believe managing money in healthy and open way with your spouse and being in agreement in all aspects of your finances is one of the best things to fireproof any marriage.

Early 2016 we decided we were ready to start looking for a house. Both growing up in Kingwood we were really set on buying here to be close to both parents, have access to all the parks/pools, and also because this place feels like home to us. The market in Kingwood is/was understandably very competitive so we were also checking out and considering homes in Atascocita. We put a few offers on some in Atascocita because we just weren't finding something that would fit our needs in our price range in KW. I was excited but also still holding out hoping that something in Kingwood would pop up.

One night, after a few weeks of riding the house-hunting strugglebus, I woke up around midnight for no reason. During this time, the first thing I did when I was bored or had any downtime (what's that tho?) was scroll HAR.com for houses in Kingwood. Discouraged, I was going through all of the listings that popped up and then almost turned the phone over to go back to sleep. Then on the last page at the very bottom there was a new listing I hadn't seen since last time I checked the site. It was PERFECT for us and our price range.

I had been hoping for something with 4 bedrooms minimum in a location where we could play in our yard/the street  without fear of traffic. Also for something with a big backyard for my boys with shade. This house checked them all off! We emailed it at midnight to our realtor.

The next day we had a walk through scheduled. We fell in love instantly. It's an older split-level house and we felt it's unique layout was pretty fun and the sellers had some nice touches (berber carpets, hand-scraped hardwood floors, original brick wall in the living room with a woodblack mantle) that made me fall in love instantly. Not everything was up to date (water heater, AC unit, countertops) but the price was so good that it was justifiable.

This house had not been listed for more than 24 hours and we were walking around inside of it picturing what our life would be like here. To our surprise, we got to meet the sellers that day. It was a pair of sisters, about our parents age, selling their parent's home. They had passed away, and now their daughters were selling it. They were in the garage sorting through their parent's belongings. I was trying to make the best impression possible but not say anything stupid. I did mention we had two little boys and of course they asked all about them, so I thought that was a good sign! We went home to put together an official offer and our realtor suggested making a cover letter with the boys pictures on it. GENIUS advice - we totally pulled these ladies heartstrings y'all. I found the most angelic pictures I could find, and wrote a short letter introducing ourselves and a little about our life. In my paragraph I said I loved to cook, craft and garden.

After a few days that seemed like decades, we heard back that they accepted our offer. They said that their mother, named Tomi, that her three favorite things to do were cooking, crafting and gardening. Goosebumps! So when they read that part of our letter, it was a done deal. They said they were praying that their childhood home's legacy would live on with another young family with the same spirit.

One extra special blessing is that during the closing period, we got an email from the seller. Since this was her parent's house and was not living there (she actually lives a few streets away from my parents house where I grew up!) she was asking if we could come over and walk through the house with her. She wanted to know what in the house I would like to keep, so she wouldn't have to move as much stuff out. Are. You. Forreal?! As if this wasn't the best experience of all time, it just got EVEN better. We acquired an awesome table/chair set, decorations, garage shelves, a washing machine and dryer that work perfectly, a microwave, lawn chairs, garden hoses, sprinklers, doormats, even an antique family heirloom that had been in her family for years that she said I could keep. It was unbelievable! I brought my boys over that day and they got to meet her. She played with them while I walked around deciding what I wanted to keep, and they had a special time together! On top of that she also gifted us with a housewarming basket with candles, chocolate and champagne with a special letter that I have stored away in my keepsake box.

God definitely had a hand in how we got our house and led us straight here. On top of that, to bless us with house full of things! Sure, it's an older home with a lot of work to do and not everything is how we want it yet. There's also been random issues with plumbing here and there, but that's to be expected with an older house. There hasn't been anything that we haven't handled together as a team. We also have the best neighbors on the left and the right of us. They love our kids and are SO generous. It is always a blessing to be surrounded by people who genuinely like. I love being a homeowner with Kegan and I wouldn't change our story one bit!

Here are a few pictures from our first year of being a homeowner:

First night in his bed at the house!

Before we went decoration shopping the first week. 
So much backyard fun!

One of my favorite days from Summer 2016

Sunsets from our front porch

Lots of learning and playing games upstairs!

Garden helper!

Hanging out with my baby.

We have everything we need for a  boy's childhood including great puddles to splash in!

We made a firepit in our backyard along with adding a swing set and trampoline!

My boy in his element

Many bittersweet mama moments, Judah grew up a lot this year.

My faithful kitchen helper